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Media relations dream? Box ticked.

October 25, 2008

The hands get sweaty, the heart beats faster, you check the armpits for visible perspiration. Take a swig of coffee. Recite your opening line under your breath for the hundredth time. And then…

We’ve all been there. No- not asking girls out- but selling in a story to that one media outlet you’ve always dreamt of.

For some it’s the FT. And yeah, it’s kind of cool when you engage the brainiest journos around (the pink just edges out the Economist for cool points, if not difficulty). Others might pick the Daily Mail; barometer of Britain ‘n’ all that. Maybe you’re all Google generation and actually your thrill is hitting the front page of Digg after pitching an ‘a lister’. (Although the immediacy of the thrill is less than trad media relations IMHO).

Well for me, a dream was realised this week, when I pitched Blue Peter. Yep, 50 years to the good, kids classic, staple of the British media landscape, birthplace of careers, and shaper of what little artistic and gardening talent I possess. It wasn’t just me that was excited either. Colleagues nearby sat listening in breathless anticipation. For those minutes I was like Ronaldo at Old Trafford, Nadal at Wimbeldon, Schumacher at Magny Cours, Armstrong at Alpe D’Huez… Well, anyway you get the general idea and level of hysteria I felt (even if I may be exaggerating my colleague’s animation).

God, just imagine what I’ll be like when (fingers crossed etc) the item airs. Knowing you contributed to the shape of even a minute of Blue Peter and did the day job helping clients? That’s BIG. At least for me (TM Media Geek ’08).

Feel free to share your ‘I can’t believe I got to sell in to….’ type stories.


What’s in your PR bag?

October 5, 2008

Last week a client was surprised at how little ‘stuff’ I had with me for couple of days spent with them. They were (pleasantly) surprised I could work and survive with so little clutter.

It got me thinking, what do you actually need as a PR? I had a small satchel (OK, a ‘man bag’) with change of shirt etc, basic wash stuff, notepad, pens, a copy of the Economist, a book, a Blackberry, an IPhone, wallet and various swipe cards. And a worrying amount of chewing gum (maybe someone is trying to tell me something and is slipping it into my bag?).

As long as you have access to a computer every so often to write longer docs/presentations, I reckon you could survive like this for a pretty decent stretch.

So, what is essential to your day as a PR? What would you feel naked without (other than clothes)?

Tagging Stephen, Chris, Dom, and Jed to share their ‘what’s in your PR bag’ confessions. Those without blogs please do share in comments…