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PR perks…

November 27, 2007

…are numerous and varied. At least compared to being an actury or similarly exciting [but more lucrative] professions.

We all know the cliches of parties, booze, etc, and at least for the next month, the stereotype has some merit. Certain branches of PR aaccumulate other goodies, whether they be samples etc in consumer, or press trips to flash locations in most disciplines. Then there’s the more apparent, such as lunches and drinks with journos.

But perhaps some of the biggest perks are when the chips are down. As a consumer you’ve been affronted, and your initial response to the indignity suffered at the hands of retailer x has been rebuffed with a cursory dismissal. And that’s when you bring out the magic lines. ‘I work in PR and…’.  Now this works much better when you know journalists in that sector, and so can threaten [or allude to] the idea you might share the stories of your consumer misery. It can work even better if you claim you blog as well; this still seems to frighten those so unfamiliar with blogs they regard them as having magical power to foment negative PR.

PRs I know have used these tactics recently with a major utilities firm, a high street bank in a dispute over a mortgage offer, and an online retailer. Beats a few free cocktails for kickbacks from the job.