Sticking it to Tesco

December 16, 2008

Picture the scene; I’m innocently sitting at my desk, thinking high level strategic thoughts as usual, when something interesting prevents me making the Campbell-like intellectual comms leap I was undoubtedly about to make.

It is twitter. More precisely it is a tweet from @stickitotesco, suggesting something might be up my street. Curious. Interest piqued I check out the profile. It is followed by clues which include the unveiling of an image of an appeal and an apple pie. Everything branded to look like Tesco value.

A few other ‘tweeps’ also interested. We’re promised a 2pm unveil amongst some good banter.  (I was suspicious this was something pie-related and an unkind but not unjustified comment on the impact of the Christmas party season and a few too many hours at my desk).

When it comes ’tis indeed good. A campaign from ActionAid for better pay for workers overseas producing UK supermarket goods. The apple bit uses a neat attention grabbing hook encouraging us to push Tesco to pay 5p a kilo extra to South African apple pickers to lift them out of poverty.

Now I’m not well-enough versed in the intricacies of these issues to make any moral comment beyond that it is always good to spread the wealth to those less fortunate. I’m pragmatic enough to know we don’t get cheap supermarket prices by magic. I also have no axe to grind against Tesco per se (beyond their abysmal online shopping service, which I’ve bemoaned and abandoned before).Either way ActionAid got me discussing a issue I certainly otherwise wouldn’t (remember I was on the verge of re-defining strategic comms thinking before they rudely interrupted).

The point is more a great PR execution, picking an attention-grabbing hook, using some good ol’ fashioned teaser principles, utilising an effective online channel, culminating in an appealing mini-site. My only real suggested improvement would be a longer teaser lead-in process to allow the follower numbers to grow.

Interesting stuff. Check it out.


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