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The Breakfast Meeting

March 27, 2008

I have long been an evangelist for the breakfast meeting and this week’s FT article about the subject, hit the spot. Breakfast is the new lunch and no amount of midday posh nosh is going to make me change my mind.

Breakfast is one of those meals that most of us spent most of our teens and early University years feeling guilty about,  we were either too hung over or too asleep to partake. I was at University at Exeter and spent my first year in a catered hall where I had at most, 5 breakfasts for my entire time there. Even then, one of those because the fire alarm went off at 7.30 and going back to bed was too much like hard work.

How often did we hear maternal musings lecturing us that breakfast was the ‘most important’ meal of the day and yet how many of us actually took a blind bit of notice?  I certainly didn’t.

My damascan conversion happened in my first year in PR when it became too hard to find a free lunch spot in friend’s diaries and too many evenings were spent working late. Breakfast afforded a good hour’s chat as well as a shot of caffeine and a bit of food.

For the blackberry generation it also meant you could send emails at 6.30am and look very keen!

So where should you go for breakfast?

If it’s a client you are dining with, try here, here or here. Warning – Ordering ten deadly sins at Simpsons tends to slow you down for the first few hours of your day!

If it’s a mate you are breakfasting with, then go for Costa who do the best croissants by far! Balans in Soho is a favourite of mine for a fuller start to the day and the Scandinavian Kitchen do great hot chocolates if you’re already caffeined out!

Maybe the PR and Comms Network should arrange a breakfast networking session? Anyone keen?