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The future’s here. And it’s wireless.

October 10, 2007

As you can imagine, overhere at the PR and Comms network, we tend to spend a fair bit fo time online.

Right now, as I type this, it’s via wi-fi in my flat. Often it is via our Nokia N95’s whilst on the train. Occasionally, but nowhere near often enough, it is in the great outdoors [which in London terms means a coffee shop]

But finally, the tipping point seems to have arrived. Not only is the iPhone coming [joining Blackberry’s and N95s as truly ‘web-enabled’ mobile devices], but the iPod touch has wi-fi capability.

Great, I hear you cry, that’s the hardware sorted, but surely wifi is still really limited?

Well, look at the recent anouncement by BT and Fon, meaning that all BT homehub owning customers can become part of a public wi-fi network, expanding coverage massively [and supplementing their wireless cities]. Then consider this McDonald’s announcement of free wi-fi in their UK eateries. Or the replacement frnachise for GNER on the North coat mainline. yep, free wi-fi, again.

Wonderful you shout, but why are you boring me with consumer-tech chat? Because this really matters for PR. Everyone has finally been dragged kicking and screaming to the point at which they acknowledge that digital matters, but it is still very much the junior relation in the print/broadcast/online triumvirate. Finally, however, the pieces are faling into place for that to be resolved.

When high-speed internet is with us 24/7, wherever we go, the only barrier remaining is for those like me, whose eye-sight doesn’t entirely appreciate the dimensions of the screens on the latest pocket tech-bling.

[Disclosure: BT are a Fishburn Hedges client]