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Harry Potter and the PR agency

July 30, 2007

Like many other avid fans of Harry Potter, I spent last week thumbing through the 600 or so pages of the latest book on the tube, at lunch and in the pub. One thought struck me. 

Fighting Lord Voldermort was always going to be a struggle, finding those pesky horcruxes no easy mission, and keeping the randy Ron and Hermione focused on the pressing task, a constant challenge.

However, Harry could have had a much easier time if he’d enlisted the help of a PR agency and put out a crisis comms brief. Whilst Voldermort was clearly busy lunching various journo from the The Daily Prophet, where was Harry’s proactive PR? 

Harry’s attitude to the press really does leave a lot to be desired and his reliance on the The Quibbler until it sided with Voldermort really does show how naïve young Harry was.


Yes, his broadcast strategy was a little better and Potterwatch helped Harry along, but frankly if HP had got involved with a round table event and a sponsored media supplement with the Daily Prophet the whole affair could have been concluded in half the time.