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In sickness and health?

September 18, 2007

How many of you skived of Monday and took a long weekend yesterday? As most of my peer group are relatively new to the workplace and still eager to impress managers and account leads, sick days in PR are fairly unusual. However, I don’t think wanting to impress is the only reason that PR colleagues don’t take as many days off as say general office staff/admin support.

In a recent story in the Scotsman, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said that Two out of five people who had had sick days in the last year put them down to alcohol misuse. Apparently up to 14 million working days are lost each year due to alcohol related problems in Britain. (By Alcohol related problems, I assume them mean something more medical than losing your phone and sleeping on your couch for the evening.)

Now maybe this is just PR but I have never known anyone I work with not to turn up because they were out the night before. In PR, that would be considered very bad form indeed.

Do PR’s not take as many days off as colleagues in other industries because they can handle their drink? Now that would be an interesting survey.