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Protecting your brand (and client)

June 5, 2008

Online advertising is, as I am sure we’ll all sick and tired of hearing, the future.  And, whilst PR agencies slave away to influence old and new media, Advertising Networks are becoming power houses for web 2.0’s best and brightest.

For those that don’t know, Advertising networks are the equivalent of billboard screen owners and will buy ‘inventory’ on successful websites and will then charge clients to run their banners on these spaces. It’s all quite clever, but it isn’t cheap.

This is not a world without flaws, however, and PRs should stay vigilant that their Communications hard work isn’t being undone by unfortunate placing of adverts. Anyone who does the PR for Euro Disney should pay particular attention. 


It’s inexcusable that Euro Disney’s latest campaign ‘Kids Under 7 stay for free’ should be placed on an article about Austrian child abuse. This sort of thing can and should be avoided by inserting clauses about the sort of article and advert should run with.

New Media may be the future but it will always need a watchful eye.