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In-house, out-house, dog-house?

May 26, 2008

For a few weeks now I’ve been thinking to myself: “At what point does an agency PR go in-house?” Like most of my articles, I found my inspiration whilst relaxing in a very nice little boozer. I was talking to a chap over a few halves when he revealed to me that he had been working in-house for ten years. That means his first job fresh out of university was to go straight into an in-house role.


It got me thinking, why didn’t I think about working in-house when I first started? I’ve always thought that in-house roles were for those who had had enough of the often frenetic agency environment, settled with kids and generally wanted a quieter life. Of course this is not true, in-house comms teams face just as much turbulence as their agency counterparts and, for some companies, it can be a daily battle to protect reputations. I also failed to consider the fact that junior jobs (like the ones I do for my agency) need to be done in-house too, so someone must be doing them.


So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been casting my mind back two years and thinking if I could choose a different route and go in-house, where would I go?

Firstly, I considered whether the company would be interesting enough to lose myself in, would it be a constantly shifting challenge and would it consistently have a high media profile. The list narrowed quite considerably. But anyway, here they are:


·         Arsenal Football Club – I’m a big fan, so no explanation needed

·         BBC – Arguably Britain’s most successful brand and one which would be a never-ending challenge

·         MOD – With some of my clients, past and present, I have seen a fraction of the technology the MOD is developing and to think about what might be going on behind closed doors, it would certainly get me up in the morning

·         The Mayor’s Office – Come on, any explanation needed? I wrote my dissertation on the devolved body and like to think I know it inside out. After nine years of quiet but steady consolidation, exciting times surely lay ahead.

And really, that is about it. With such a small list, I would really like to hear from people who have gone in-house at a junior level, why they did, what they like about it and if they would ever consider trading it all in and going to an agency.


I think there is a tendency from agency PRs to think in-house is the place to go once they’ve exhausted themselves, so now is your chance to prove them wrong!


The floor is open:



May 18, 2008

Few bits of tidying up going on. Some new blogs added to the blogroll on the right. We link to people because either a] we like them, b] they link to us and are relevant, or [and hopefully this covers nearly all], c] they’re both top relevant blogs AND we like them a lot. If you link to us, think we should link to you because you’re PR gold, or just have sugestions for other blogs we should read, lave a comment, or drop us a line.

You’ll doubtless have seen plenty about the Burmese situation, but wanted to share the below vid. Tim Whirledge keen to hear more from PRs with ideas on spreading awareness.

Finally, I’ve already booked my tickets, have you? innocent’s Village fete event is back again. Apart from my love of smoothie, also sharing because it’s yet another example of innocent operating across platforms to raise awareness, [at last count facebook, blog, twitter and youtube]. They essentially deploy at a business level the philosophy I’ve always believed lay behind our efforts with the PR and Comms Network; it’s about using social media tools to make real world interaction easier and more fun. They have the benefit of making money, however, and have a fair bit greater audience…and they just won an award for exactly that.

PR Careers- the new way

May 18, 2008

Top post/presentation from Dom Whitehurst, looking at how the internet has changed the way PRs should operate in terms of the way they conduct their careers. Neatly [visually] sums up the reasons we set up the PR and Comms Network- meeting other people in the industry, ‘without the name badge’.

Ironically I can’t get the presentation to embed here, but ruge you to go have a look over on his blog. He’ll appreciate any bonus hits anyway, i’m sure.

PR Pub Quiz- the results

May 9, 2008

It was the ultimate test of your PR prowess. Questions aimed at testing media knowledge, current affairs, and even the types of major vegetables. It had to be the PR and Comms pub quiz last night!

A great [heatedly competitive] time was had, and the results were:

1] Fishburn Hedges

2] Firefly

=3] Hotwire

=3] Independents

4] Weber Shandwick

5] Geronimo

6] Edelman

7] Gorkana.

Now the fact Gorkana came last in a  quiz designed to test media knowledge didn’t go unoticed, but they took their banter with good grace.

Good to see various blogging and twittering PRs there, including: Simon Collister, Jonny Rosemont, Dom Whitehurst, Tom Malcolm, and Simon Goldie… anyone else I’ve missed off do let me know!

Photos up on Facebook for your tagging amusement shortly.

If you can help…

May 3, 2008

…with below please do. Slightly off-topic I realise, but much needed.

Subject: Please can you help?  If not, can you pass this on to your friends.

I wondered if you might be able to help a friend of a friend. This girl is in desperate need of a bone barrow donor and I wanted to spread the word. Please pass this link on to everyone you know in the hope that a suitable donor my be found.

The link to Charlotte’s details and how to respond is below.

Kindest regards,