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Personal PR and ‘over promotion’

March 28, 2008

When I was 23 (all those many years ago….ok last year), I was obsessed with this idea of being promoted.  Conversations with my trainee colleagues would be one of two topics:

“When will we be promoted?” 

“Forward Features are destroying my will to live! “

Often, the two conversations were inextricable linked – “when will I be promoted so I can give this crap to someone else”.

Then, I left a big company and joined a very small company and found that I enjoyed life in a smaller aquarium much better and that life wasn’t all about being promoted and more about actually enjoying the work you do, a sense of satisfaction. The frustrations were larger, and when things didn’t work there was no one I could call on to sort it out other than my own initiative, and sometimes that was badly lacking!

If you are thinking about getting into the media business, think about what you want from a working environment? The buzz of a large agency or the intimacy of a small start up?  The perks of a large corporate or the edginess of a small start up?

In terms of the ‘next step’, being promoted is all well and good but the absolutely worst thing a business can do is promote people before their time.  Your business card and email signature might look nice with the word ‘senior ’ in it but when your new subordinates realise that you aren’t capable enough, mature enough or experienced enough to deal with the responsibilities a role demands, they won’t take kindly to you.

Be careful what you wish for….