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James Gilheany- ‘A life’

December 10, 2007

London, UK 10 December 2007. The PR and Comms Network is pleased to announce its newest administrator, James Gilheany.  James is a renowned communications expert with several years of experience with top-level international clients, making him ‘the go to’ guy for many of the UK media’s top journalists and commentators.


When asked about his appointment, James said: “Well, it’s another excellent award for my already glittering career.  It just goes to show that if you work hard enough then you do get rewarded.”


James comes from a proud family of PR professionals well known to some of the UK’s top agencies for their sterling work on a variety of challenging accounts.  When asked about the effect his siblings being the industry has had on him and his career, James, in customary humble fashion, answered: “Yes, initially they did help me.  But when you have this much natural talent, it’s hard not to make it to the top.”


James brings with him an expert knowledge of the political world, the fast-moving City scene and the turbulent international community.  He has successfully combined this near encyclopaedic knowledge with silky media relation skills that have made him the envy of many an account director over the years.  However, it has not always been such an amazing success story for James.  His current high-flying status is a far cry from his modest upbringing in Feltham, Middlesex.  “It is a sh*t hole” James said, for once losing his near legendary professional veneer, “it’s the sort of place the producers of the Jeremy Kyle show go to look for new victi….sorry, guests.  The only good thing about that place is the sign that tells you you have left.”


Escaping the boundaries of Feltham, James found his academic home in Nottingham where he attended university achieving a BA in politics.  It was as a student that James first became interested in working in communications.  “I was working as a bouncer at my Students Union and I thought to myself: if you can get your message across to a drunk, off his head on Stella, then surely you would be able to convey important client messages to a journalist.” James explained whilst pointing to his fully accredited license which allows him to work any door in the UK.


In his spare time James lists football, cricket, reading and writing the odd letter of complaint to local government authorities amongst his many and varied interests.  James is also a fully registered member of the Communist party and has asked us to point out he has never made a donation to the Labour party either directly or through a third party.


James is currently working for a top 20 PR agency where no one takes anything he says seriously.


A Highly Desi-rable Match

December 10, 2007

London, UK December 2007. Breathe a huge sigh of relief as Desi Argyrides, PR guru at Threepipe Brand Communications has joined the PR and Communications network as an administrator. She is delighted to be offering a female perspective to the network.

She was born in Margate and managed to escape at the tender age of ten. Never one to do things by halves, she moved to Cyprus with her family, where she spent the best part of her formative years. Numerous cures for frizzy hair and three A-levels later, she returned to England for university

An English and French Law degree was all but completely under her belt when she made the decision that talking about the fact that she studied law was actually more interesting than the deed itself. Degree completed, she moved to London for bigger and better things.

The search led her into the world of communications and she now works at Threepipe, a PR agency based in Covent Garden. When asked about her new role within the PR and Communications network, Desi said with a flourish: “It was only to be expected. Nobody could enlighten people about the glamorous world of PR better than I can.”

Desi counts modesty as one of her many qualities. She is looking forward to using her amazing social skills for the benefit of others.

New PR and Comms Network team

December 10, 2007

So, we asked for some fresh meat to join Alain and myself running the PR and Comms network,,,  and after sifting the applications, we hit on a lucky chap and chapess.  basically this means more hands, eyes and brains working together to run more events like our Christmas drinks next week, as well as a few other ideas we have up our sleeve.

We’re always looking for ideas and blog contributiosn though, so do get in touch, even if it’s just to say hi. [I swear my writing is getting more like a pale imitation of soem innocent copy every day!]

after pondering how best to have James Gilheany [Biss Lancaster], and Desi Argyrides [Three Pipe] introduce themselves, the answer became obvious. It had to be a press release…