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Where to take a client to lunch

March 31, 2008

Ok so last week I said that the PR lunch was dead, maybe that was a little hasty. Lunch isin’t dead, it just needs to work a little harder now that Breakfast has got it’s act together.              

Impressing someone with a lunch venue is one of the easiet things to do and yet we will all have horror stories of picking the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people.

As my PR and Comms colleagues will vouch for, I love a good feed, so i’ve put together a quick guide for those of you new to the lunching game or for those who just need a little help.

First of all three tips:

1.       Use the time wisely : If time is going to be an issue, don’t book at 1pm, go for 12.30pm. More often than not, you’ll be seated, served and fed quicker and will give you far more chance to do business over ‘coffee’ rather than trying to talk shop over a mouthful of linguine.

2.       Don’t try and be clever: Everyone loves to impress dinner dates with the line ‘ oh yeah this is a great little place, I come here all the time’ but trying to impress a journalist or client and getting it wrong will not produce good ROI. If you haven’t eaten at the restaurant before, admit it – if the meal is rubbish you can both feel smugly superior together rather than just you looking stupid.

3.       If you do drink, don’t do drunk: I’ve seen some real horror stories of a client getting a little too tipsy at lunch and inadvertently reveal trade secrets to a grateful journalist. As a general rule, I don’t drink at lunch.

Armed with all this useful information, where should you go?

Arbutus – Located just off Soho Square, this restaurant is so ‘media’…  Very light/bright decor, a Michelin starred European Menu and a fantastic wine list (try the Girardin Santenay) one of my absolutely favourite restaurants. Price £30-40 per head

Soho Japan – Probably my most visited sushi restaurant, Soho Japan is authentic, unpretentious and one of the most friendly places you can eat. Traditional Sushi for those of us that make out like we know what we’re doing, as well as great Japanese curries. Tucked away off Mortimer Street, this is a real find. Price: £20-30 per head

Navaros – If you have a slightly larger crowd, Tapas is always the way forward Navaros on Charlotte Street is the perfect place to ‘go Spanish’. A great selection of traditional Spanish cooking as well as a deli to take away your favourite bits and pieces. The chairs are a little bit uncomfortable, but who cares, you aren’t there for the seating arrangement. Price: £30-40

If you’re stuck for a lunch time partner, take me – I’m always hungry.