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PR Jargon

April 30, 2008

What do you always tell clients?

Make sure you don’t use jargon, unless the language used could be understood by a lay person.

But what do all PRs do?

Use horrendous meaningless jargon, and phrases which absolutely do not reflect their true meaning.

Here’s a top 10 of the worst offending phrases, and their actual meaning. Feel free to disagree, or let us know any real clangers you think we’ve overlooked….

10] “Can you just start this document off?”

=” can you just do the whole document, please?”

9] ‘”low hanging fruit”

= “achieve this, and it will be of no use to anyone, but look like soemthing got done”

8] “We’ll just re-purpose some old material”

= “cut and paste”

7] “Going forward”

= “I have an inability to express myself properly, and mean in future”

6] “That’s a really great idea”

= “That’s now my really good idea” OR “Thank God you have an idea, as I have none whatsoever, and it was getting embarassing”

5] “Could I have this close of play please” [usually said c.3pm]

= “I’ve forgotten to do this/run out of time, and you’re not going home tonight as a result”

4] “managing expectations”

= “making sure they’re not dissapointed when we produce no coverage/don’t do what they want”

3] “Would you be responsible for this…”

= “I hope never to see this piece of work again” OR “I’ve been told to be more consultative when handing off crap pieces of work”

2] “liaised with”

= “they phoned us first” OR “I left a message belatedly” OR “I haven’t even spoken to them, but this will make me sound better” OR ” I actually have spoken with them on numerous occasions” [rarely this one though].

1] “let’s push back”

= “we’ll try and disagree, but end up doing what they want anyway”


10 things no-one ever tells you about working in PR

April 1, 2008

We put our heads together here at the PR and Comms Network. Then nothing happened, so we spoke to some people, and here it is; the not-so definitive, more than slightly tongue-in-cheek list of the 10 things no-one ever lets on about working in PR. If you think we’ve missed something out dive into the comments. .. 

1] Publicity isn’t just something you aim at for clients. It’s a philosophy you live by.  And that applies to your own internal PR as much as any client.

2] The glory is never yours. It’s the spokesperson’s, the client’s, the agency’s, the account director’s… then it might be yours. If there’s any left over.

3] Playing on Facebook and blogs would prove useful in the end. Yep, digital is the future, just in case you’d been allowed to forget.

4] You should like living in London. Otherwise your job prospects might be somewhat reduced.

5] Wacky creativity? Indulged with lip service. Outstanding personal organisation? Rewarded with advancement.

6] Whatever it is you thought ‘my God I couldn’t bear to work in that sector’ ;that’s what you’ll end up working on. It’s sod’s law, but true. Hate finance? Hello city calendar work. Technophobe? Welcome to consumer-tech PR.

7] Accountants and Lawyers look down upon your profession. How this reversal of fortune from your previous scorn for their boring jobs occurred is not at all evident.

8] No-one will actually understand what your job involves, achieves, or demands. Quite possibly you never will yourself..

9] Actually the boys aren’t all gay, the girls aren’t all pretty, and virtually no-one is glamorous. Disappointing for many.

10] Why can’t people understand that your industry is not a verb? ‘To PR’ never appeared in any dictionary I possessed.