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January 27, 2008

I don’t like clubs. I don’t like going to gigs. I couldn’t tell you where a single cool shop is. I’ve never been to Brixton, Hoxton, or anywhere else that might be considered ‘cool’

Instead I like ‘proper’ pubs, watching sport, going rowing. I live In Barnes, and eulogise about Northumberland.

On no grounds could I be considered cool. Thankfully, my agency are sensible enough never to call on me to be a barometer of cool, due to being younger. Yet in many agencies, when they want to know ‘what’s cool’, it’s the younger staff they look to.

But teenage culture is evolving faster, as well as achieving more autonomy than ever before known.  There’s a great piece in today’s Sunday Times on the new series of Skins [which I love], underlining this very point.

Or this post by Ian Green recently, about his son, underlining how the average teenager uses the internet to, share, create and absorb a culture which can be entirely distinct from that of people just a few years older.

But one of the biggest differences between current teenagers and people even of the ripe old age, of oh say 23/4 [like myself] won’t become apparent for a few years yet.Wired recently had a top piece about ‘microcelebrity’, or the process by which those of us who live extensively online, are in effect, celebrities to a few people. Although some people already in the workplace are used to the need to manage your personal reputation like you’re being PR-ed, most are not. But the generation who will soon be with us view at as de rigeur. You’re broadcasting, conversing in public, in an accessible fashion 24/7. Even more frighteningly [or empoweringly] your conversations will last if not forever, at least as long as Google want them too.

So, if you want to know what the cool kids are into, don’t ask your AE or AMs; they don’t know. And neither do I. But you probably know a kid who does.