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PR Pub Quiz- the results

May 9, 2008

It was the ultimate test of your PR prowess. Questions aimed at testing media knowledge, current affairs, and even the types of major vegetables. It had to be the PR and Comms pub quiz last night!

A great [heatedly competitive] time was had, and the results were:

1] Fishburn Hedges

2] Firefly

=3] Hotwire

=3] Independents

4] Weber Shandwick

5] Geronimo

6] Edelman

7] Gorkana.

Now the fact Gorkana came last in a  quiz designed to test media knowledge didn’t go unoticed, but they took their banter with good grace.

Good to see various blogging and twittering PRs there, including: Simon Collister, Jonny Rosemont, Dom Whitehurst, Tom Malcolm, and Simon Goldie… anyone else I’ve missed off do let me know!

Photos up on Facebook for your tagging amusement shortly.



April 14, 2008

We like to ask questions.

And we’ve often asked ourselves: ‘Who’s harder- Rocky or Rambo?’

Well this event won’t help us find an answer, but it will tell us who London’s top PR pub quizzers are…

Thursday, May 8th, the Blue Posts Piccadilly will see eight teams of intrepid PRs battle it out. Over several rounds we’ll separate the blaggers from the media machines. And the teams?

Limited by size to eight, so apologies to the many others who were keen, we have:

BUT, that doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t join the fun. Whilst the room we’re quizzing in limits us to the teams above, we’d love to see plenty of ou there for drinks, in true PR and Comms Network style. The quiz runs from 7pm, so come on down. It’s a great pub, and as ever, we don’t believe in name badges. Full details on the Facebook group here