What’s in your PR bag?

October 5, 2008

Last week a client was surprised at how little ‘stuff’ I had with me for couple of days spent with them. They were (pleasantly) surprised I could work and survive with so little clutter.

It got me thinking, what do you actually need as a PR? I had a small satchel (OK, a ‘man bag’) with change of shirt etc, basic wash stuff, notepad, pens, a copy of the Economist, a book, a Blackberry, an IPhone, wallet and various swipe cards. And a worrying amount of chewing gum (maybe someone is trying to tell me something and is slipping it into my bag?).

As long as you have access to a computer every so often to write longer docs/presentations, I reckon you could survive like this for a pretty decent stretch.

So, what is essential to your day as a PR? What would you feel naked without (other than clothes)?

Tagging Stephen, Chris, Dom, and Jed to share their ‘what’s in your PR bag’ confessions. Those without blogs please do share in comments…


7 Responses to “What’s in your PR bag?”

  1. davies Says:

    On a typical work day I carry very little. Unlike you and your fellow Londoners, up here we have something called the motor vehicle to take us to where we want to go.

    It is against the law to read books and magazines, and listen to mp3 players while driving a motor vehicle. However, this slight inconvenience is offset by not having to put up with rude people and black bogies.


  2. Stephen Says:

    Whoops, commented while signed in to my WordPress.com account. Nothing to see there.

  3. Alistair Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t get by without my laptop. While I have a Blackberry for e-mails and low volume browsing, it cannot replace the ease, speed and effectiveness of a computer.

    So I just have a laptop bag with newspaper, magazines, basic stationary, Blackberry, wallet and iPod.

  4. Chris Reed Says:

    I’ve just gone through what some people call a “life stage”. My kids are now too big to take to school on the back of my push bike (take note Mr Davies) so I’ve ditched the functional but naff child seat, panniers and rack, in favour of a bright man bag flung over my shoulder. In which I have the essentials for life:
    Iphone and blackberry (but hope to ditch the bb soon when/if exchange and mobileme start talking)
    Headphones (cunningly attached to keyring, so they go everywhere with me)
    Dog-eared notebook and pen (for occasional idea/thought)
    A selection of various people’s business cards
    And recently, I’ve been carrying my Flip around with me. You never know…
    Sometimes I’ll have a macbook pro in there. Other times I’l have a “make-me-clever” book (thanks for the loan of Groundswell Alex), or Wired or somesuch.
    And if it’s a Monday I’ll usually I’ll have a child’s sock, t-shirt, emergency pants, or half-eaten apple left over from the weekend.
    Such is my rock’n’roll lifestyle

  5. Emily Says:

    I am concerned by your lack of underwear.

    My bag tends to count my train ticket, BlackBerry (minus all the useful BB services… but I am an addict to the mere hardware these days), my diary (replacing my favourite function of my BB), a book and my iPod as my essentials.

    Plus about 17 pens. Seems I always pocket one en route to a meeting and the poor blighters never escape the depths of my bag again!

  6. Will Says:

    Extra shirt? Underwear? That only happens if i’m playing football for the agency/embarrassing myself out there.

    Lots of pens. About 5 USB sticks. 2 paperbacks. Laptop, Blackberry. A pack of mints.

    Client bumpf which wasn’t deemed important enough to be taken out of my manbag.

    An umbrella.

  7. Like it all, thanks for comments.

    Don’t worry underwear was included. Just being delicate about the subject. It is a family blog and all that 🙂

    Also glad to hear not just me whose bag is a black hole for pens. I single handedly keep bic (or their budget brethren) in business I often feel.

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