A seasonal PR letter to Santa

December 14, 2008

Dear PR Santa,

I’ve been really good this year. I’ve worked lots of hours, I’ve got lots of coverage, I’ve socialised with my colleagues (but too much), and my desk has been (sort of) tidy.

So, I thought you might like to know what I’d like for PR Christmas?

Well, it goes without saying I’d like a prosperous 2009 with job for all my friends in the industry. But that isn’t very jolly, so I’ll move quickly onto the others.

So, I’d like to see an end to the snottiness that says mainstream PR practitioners “don’t get” online, and vice versa. it’s dull, and it isn’t true, and it doesn’t encourage either to learn best practice from t’other.

What else? Evaluation people actually want, understand, and is cost-effective. Not measuring for measuring’s sake, not ignoring it because it is too difficult, and not stuff that takes a month to compile. So if you could just drop that new evaluation tool off with me, that’d be great, OK?

If it isn’t too greedy or self-indulgent, I’d also like to fulfil a dream and get some coverage on Countryfile. Especially once it moves to the new Sunday night slot. I can hear your elves sniggerring, but it has a great demographic, and filming would be a riot. Go on…

Oh and Chinos to make a appearance in Sunday Times Style. It’d make my working life easier if someone would vindicate me that they DO look good. And to learn to write like Giles Coren. And to be better at proofing my own work. I’m great at spotting faults in others, why not my own?

I’ll stop now. I realise there’s only so much I can ask for. So, how about it Santa?


A festive PR Consultant.


4 Responses to “A seasonal PR letter to Santa”

  1. jazcummins Says:

    Haha, good list mate, might have to do one of my own – can I meme myself?

    Defo like the first two, not so sure about CountryFile and Chinos, but each to their own 😉

  2. Please do- meme away! Bonus points for finding a more random Santa pic too!

    I tell you- Chinos big in ’09. Heard it here first…

  3. Will Says:

    “Coverage in countryfile?” Christ Alex, I’m a countrysider, but I don’t long for that…

    Agree about evaluation. Problem is there isn’t a good metric for online work, just a lot of window dressing (click through isn’t useful, no matter what people say).

  4. pollyemj Says:

    Great list! Shall meme an Australian version, only because i’ve never heard of countryfile!

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