W-to the-W-to the W

September 2, 2008

OK, I’m a day and a half behind the rest of the UK PR blogosphere with this one (which eqautes to at least a month in real terms), but congrats to Stephen Davies on the launch of 3WPR.

It’s online comms, and what I like best is he’s taking the big picture approach- not just banging the ‘social media is the be all and it’s gonna change the world’ approach. Online is about a lot more then that, and looks like he’ll be telling people that. Which is grand. As is being based in Newcastle; lucky chap!

Look forward to hearing more on it.


One Response to “W-to the-W-to the W”

  1. Hey mate.

    Cheers for the link and great to see you last week.

    There was something quite surreal and refreshing having an indepth conversation about online comms in Newcastle and it not being with webit’s chief exec, Adam.

    Oh, by the way, I was chatting with the North East the other day – it says it misses you. 😉

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