UK PLC – Superbrand or Superbad?

July 23, 2008

There was a very interesting piece of research released this week by the Centre For Brand Analysis which looked at the branding of companies and how they are viewed by the public. A good article covering it appeared in the Telegraph on Monday:


The worrying top-line finding was that new British companies are failing to establish brand reputations with consumers. Even all conquering companies like Tescos saw brand recognition fall significantly. It therefore raises the question – is there a crisis in the perception of British brands?


The BBC was the highest ranking British company on the list, cementing its position as Britain’s most successful brand with British Airways close behind. At the top of the list was Google, which probably raises questions about the demographic of those who were surveyed, but regardless, British companies should be made aware of this apparent weakness in their businesses.


With consumer recognition at an all-time low, does it provide the PR industry with the ammunition to go to companies and suggest traditional methods of raising brand awareness are failing and that now is the time for some alternative, more integrated, combined PR/marketing/advertising campaigns?

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