PR typology- which are you?

July 23, 2008

Clearing through some RSS feeds, I just stumbled across this beauty of a post by Almost a lady, charting some of the commonnly found types of people in PR. Some of these are laugh out loud funny and worryingly accurate. Everyone has come across ‘the tech guru’, for example:

The Tech Guru
Telecommicus notoriosus
Knows their sector inside out; likely to understand the client’s business better than the client themselves. Chic or smart exterior inevitably hides party monster: approach on the dance floor at your own risk.

A thoroughly recommended post. Out yourself if you feel you fit any of these categories.

2 Responses to “PR typology- which are you?”

  1. Emily Says:

    I am rather proud because I am pretty sure one of these is based on me 🙂

  2. John L. Says:

    Being out of the newsroom for over 7 years, I remember interacting with many different PR types, especially in New York. The Social Media Evangelist is actually the most humorous who networks on Twitter and in bars but I tended to work more with the Sophisticat who made PR look good. Recently, I ran into people from 5W Public Relations who have a good group of PR Types – Creative, Tech Gurus, as well as Sophisticats and Social Media Evangelists.

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