PR Careers- the new way

May 18, 2008

Top post/presentation from Dom Whitehurst, looking at how the internet has changed the way PRs should operate in terms of the way they conduct their careers. Neatly [visually] sums up the reasons we set up the PR and Comms Network- meeting other people in the industry, ‘without the name badge’.

Ironically I can’t get the presentation to embed here, but ruge you to go have a look over on his blog. He’ll appreciate any bonus hits anyway, i’m sure.


2 Responses to “PR Careers- the new way”

  1. James Gilheany Says:

    This is great – I would urge everyone to take a look.

  2. Dom Says:

    Awesome cheers, when I presented it it didn;t do too badly but I’ll synopsise the argument I was trying to make on my blog….in a bit.

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