May 18, 2008

Few bits of tidying up going on. Some new blogs added to the blogroll on the right. We link to people because either a] we like them, b] they link to us and are relevant, or [and hopefully this covers nearly all], c] they’re both top relevant blogs AND we like them a lot. If you link to us, think we should link to you because you’re PR gold, or just have sugestions for other blogs we should read, lave a comment, or drop us a line.

You’ll doubtless have seen plenty about the Burmese situation, but wanted to share the below vid. Tim Whirledge keen to hear more from PRs with ideas on spreading awareness.

Finally, I’ve already booked my tickets, have you? innocent’s Village fete event is back again. Apart from my love of smoothie, also sharing because it’s yet another example of innocent operating across platforms to raise awareness, [at last count facebook, blog, twitter and youtube]. They essentially deploy at a business level the philosophy I’ve always believed lay behind our efforts with the PR and Comms Network; it’s about using social media tools to make real world interaction easier and more fun. They have the benefit of making money, however, and have a fair bit greater audience…and they just won an award for exactly that.

One Response to “Housekeeping”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hey there,

    Could you add my URL to your blogroll please? It’s an Auckland-based blog, focusing on the PR industry within New Zealand. It would definitely be of interest to anybody already working in New Zealand or thinking of relocating.

    Love your blog by the way, the posts always make me grin- keep up the good work 🙂



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