PR Pub Quiz- the results

May 9, 2008

It was the ultimate test of your PR prowess. Questions aimed at testing media knowledge, current affairs, and even the types of major vegetables. It had to be the PR and Comms pub quiz last night!

A great [heatedly competitive] time was had, and the results were:

1] Fishburn Hedges

2] Firefly

=3] Hotwire

=3] Independents

4] Weber Shandwick

5] Geronimo

6] Edelman

7] Gorkana.

Now the fact Gorkana came last in a  quiz designed to test media knowledge didn’t go unoticed, but they took their banter with good grace.

Good to see various blogging and twittering PRs there, including: Simon Collister, Jonny Rosemont, Dom Whitehurst, Tom Malcolm, and Simon Goldie… anyone else I’ve missed off do let me know!

Photos up on Facebook for your tagging amusement shortly.

4 Responses to “PR Pub Quiz- the results”

  1. Tom Malcolm Says:

    Hi Tim

    Far be it for me to belittle our achievements but are Weber missing from this list???

  2. Dom Says:

    Pearmain, as well as cocking up the results – have WS been disqualified – I want to raise attention to the favouritism inherent within this contest.

    Is it just coincidence that Alex’s team were victorious…I think not! Shocking!

  3. Good point Tom- updated, and also updated to include you in list of bloggers present. Apols!

    Dom- not even lowering myself to your level to acknowledge the possibility it was rigged. All joking aside I stayed well clear of the questions- address anycomplaints to James and Alain. But remember, no-one likes a sore loser…

  4. James Gilheany Says:

    I can assure people that the quiz was totally fair.

    It was a pub quiz after all, not a Saturday night ITV show

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