PR Jargon

April 30, 2008

What do you always tell clients?

Make sure you don’t use jargon, unless the language used could be understood by a lay person.

But what do all PRs do?

Use horrendous meaningless jargon, and phrases which absolutely do not reflect their true meaning.

Here’s a top 10 of the worst offending phrases, and their actual meaning. Feel free to disagree, or let us know any real clangers you think we’ve overlooked….

10] “Can you just start this document off?”

=” can you just do the whole document, please?”

9] ‘”low hanging fruit”

= “achieve this, and it will be of no use to anyone, but look like soemthing got done”

8] “We’ll just re-purpose some old material”

= “cut and paste”

7] “Going forward”

= “I have an inability to express myself properly, and mean in future”

6] “That’s a really great idea”

= “That’s now my really good idea” OR “Thank God you have an idea, as I have none whatsoever, and it was getting embarassing”

5] “Could I have this close of play please” [usually said c.3pm]

= “I’ve forgotten to do this/run out of time, and you’re not going home tonight as a result”

4] “managing expectations”

= “making sure they’re not dissapointed when we produce no coverage/don’t do what they want”

3] “Would you be responsible for this…”

= “I hope never to see this piece of work again” OR “I’ve been told to be more consultative when handing off crap pieces of work”

2] “liaised with”

= “they phoned us first” OR “I left a message belatedly” OR “I haven’t even spoken to them, but this will make me sound better” OR ” I actually have spoken with them on numerous occasions” [rarely this one though].

1] “let’s push back”

= “we’ll try and disagree, but end up doing what they want anyway”


2 Responses to “PR Jargon”

  1. charlie salem Says:

    Could anyone give me details of a website / service i can purchase editorial contacts.We need to alert via a presss release attached to an e mail and follow up by telephone the right editorial types of a story that has appeal to sectors such as classical music / technology / marketing / entertainment features in radio, web, press and TV. My e mail is Thanks

  2. Skip Says:

    Charlie, the best way to gain editorial contacts would be to establish a relationship with them yourself. Canvassing is just tacky.

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