Gorkana: the good, the bad, the bloody media lists

April 20, 2008

Love it or hate it, Gorkana is a major part of our jobs. The person I sit next to at work curses it on a daily basis, whilst the person opposite sings its praises all the time. Me, I’m in the middle.

The main gripe I’ve heard about the service is its clunky navigation system. People hate the search engine and think it could be greatly improved. On this I agree as I have conducted many fruitless searches and have ended up having to go through all the paper’s departments until I finally find the one I want.

The other main problem I hear is transferring the media list you have put together. I don’t mind doing press lists; in fact I think they are great as it makes you really familiar with the journalists and what they are writing. However, I never enjoyed having to transfer all the details from the site to Excel.  That was until Gorkana came in the other day and showed me their new feature which automatically transfers lists into Excel. Had it not been wildly inappropriate, I probably would have kissed the trainer!

I do like the journalist alerts I get through everyday updating me on journalist changes and new publications. The forward features alert too is a great addition and hopefully, if Gorkana can nail all the publication, it might herald the end of the yearly slog of pulling together the hallowed forward features list.

Then there are the Gorkana breakfasts which I am a regular at. None of them have ever blown me away with their content, but it is always nice to put a face to a name. On one occasion I even got coverage directly from speaking to the journalist at the breakfast – so it is all good in my book.

The people at Gorkana probably hate me by now as I tend to email them on a daily basis asking questions and getting them to confirm if a journo is still at the publication or not. This is the part of the service that I think is best. I always get my query answered the same day and no matter how dumb my question is, they never take the piss.

If they could just get the search engine right, then I think it would be a pretty good service. Until then though, it will always be flawed.

So, good, bad, ok?


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