Tortured young PRs?

December 6, 2007

Gorkana PR reckon the following tactics are being deployed by some journalists. We say you really have to ask yourself the question; just why is this senior journo talking to me as opposed to other members of the team? And surely you’d ring/blackberry someone else if you really had any doubts that the info was urgently required?! The issue here must be quality of junior recruits, not unscrupulous journos…

Lunchtime calls
It is probably not new and it certainly isn’t some emerging trend, but WatchTowerhas now heard reference on more than one occasion to a crafty tactic being employed by some journalists to wring information out of PRs.  Circumventing the usual channels of communication, the hack specifically tracks down a junior member of the team, usually over lunchtime when the boss might well be out, and then promptly puts the thumbscrews on the junior over a client’s affairs, claiming tight deadlines and apocalyptic consequences for the junior’s career if the information doesn’t flow.  Just thought it was worth flagging up.


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