Christmas is coming and PRs are getting…

December 5, 2007

Well fill in the blanks depending on what you’re up to. Between Christmas news hooks, the  rumble of forward features lists, and the residual hangovers, it can’t have escaped your notice that for PR, it is most definitely Christmas.

And here on the PR and Comms Network blog, we’re looking for your festive, umm, highlights.

We want:

1]Agency Christmas cards. Here’s Fleishmann’s iStudio offering, but lets see more, especially from London agencies. Don’t be shy…hard copy ones sent to me [c/o Fishburn Hedges] also gratefully received!

2] Christmas slip-ups. Had a few too many drinks at the office party? Found yourself awkwardly stood under the misteltoe with a client, colleague or journalist? Whatever it is, let us know [anonymous or otherwise!]

3] Top tips for the Christmas season. We’ll be shringing our own guide to surviving a PR Christmas, but share your top tips.

All materials readily accepted either via Facebook [Alex Pearmain], or email []

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