PR blog-tastic

November 15, 2007

Thought I’d flag a couple of interesting posts from the last few weeks:

Ed Lee [a guy who has done some fun stuff already in his career, and followed David Brain’s advice] with interesting thoughts on salary, a topic close to everyone’s heart. As with the classic ‘jam today/jam tomorrow’ situation, sensible advice to look beyond the immeadiate pay packet, and assess development opportunities.

The term diginative is cropping up more and more. Worth considering what it actually means, especially as, if like me, you constitute one, you’re unlikely to think of what you have always instinctively done as anything out of the ordinary.

2 Responses to “PR blog-tastic”

  1. Ed Lee Says:

    i went west; not east…(UK to Canada)

    although there’s still time!


  2. Good ppint- showing myself for the little Englander mentality I normally try and hide with my ‘it’s overseas therefore it’s all the same’ approach!

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