So, just what is going to be announced on the 6th November?

October 30, 2007

New media bloggers have been foaming at the mouth at a potential Facebook vs. Google show down that had been scheduled for the first week of November.  Blogs like TechCruch have been trailing the ‘announcement show down’ since early September.  So, in plain ‘non techy’ language, what is going on? 

Google were widely expected to announce the arrival of Google’s new social networking utility, (nicknamed Maka-maka) which it was believed would roll all of Google’s services into one ‘facebook’ like website.  The news now is that Google will be doing no such thing and are going to wait until after the 6th November which is the day Facebook will be making a major advertising annoucement

 That advertising announcement will be the launch of Facebook’s own advertising network – little is known beyond that. However the date is good timing as it falls on the same day as AdTech , one of the largest conferences for the online advertising industry. 

Incidently, “maka” means knock or blow in Hebrew.

 Google, it seems, are now firmly in the ring with Facebook, fighting to be the platform to dominate your every waking minute.


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