Boozy lunch?

October 26, 2007

I feel badly betrayed.

By PR.

Well, 99% of the time that’s not true, but when it comes to the vision of a boozy Friday lunch, I feel aggrieved. Really, ask the average man in the street what a PR does ona  Friday, and they’ll tell you it’s a long lunch leading into a long Friday evening.

 But no-one I know gets to do this. Instead friday afternoon means coverage and status reports. It means preparing for the coming week. it means reading the new PR Week. It never means beer, wine, or lingering banter. After all, that doesn’t service clients.

Is this reputation actually some invention of the old timers? Similar to the golden age the Daily Mail harks back to? When people left their doors unlocked, children were safe playing several streets away, and presumably PRs went on the Friday lash? Do let me know if anyone has ever experienced this vision of past glories.


One Response to “Boozy lunch?”

  1. Keli Says:

    It was a long time ago, when I first started in PR (which is longer than it feels) – I was a very junior assistant and the owner of the PR agency who was past retirement age was famous amongst his favourite clients for long boozy lunches. Sadly I was too junior to do anything but stay in the office and answer the phones while the others drank thier Fridays away. Seems that the world has moved on…

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