A cautionary PR tale from the digital frontier…

October 4, 2007

Just remember, when you do anything online, it is never anonymous. even when you’re pretending to be someone else.

The Fake Steve Jobs blog [FSJ], a hilarious satirical blog on Apple’s leader, recently ripped apart the ‘One laptop per child’ [OLPC] leaders and projects. OLPC  News followed up with an article  agreeing ith the thrust of FSJ’s comments [largely that the OLPC project was deeply unrealistic].

Cue some surprise when the comments are joined by FSJ, attacking the author of OLPC News. Following some IP searches, the attack turned out to have been written by someone from OLPC’s PR agency.

Tut tut. Bad enough not being transparent in blog comments, let alone pretending to be someone else entirely. There’s only so many times you can say it, but transparency really is key. Unless you want to be the AE/AM putting your hand up and ‘fessing up to a very public embarrassment for your agency.

[I’ve been a bit Apple-orienttated with this week’s posts…can you tell I’ve just got a new macbook?!]


One Response to “A cautionary PR tale from the digital frontier…”

  1. Nice to see you crossed to the dark side and got a macbook…best machine in the world in my opinion, god i really should get a life…

    On a serious note, blogging is a tricky business, we’ve had a few occassions when clients have been caught being a bit too obvious on some comments, but its hard to stop them when they are passionate about their products and can’t understand why everyone else isn’t!

    i guess the key to stopping embarrassment is to make sure the internal agency PR team and the client, understand some guidelines before commenting, and making sure they communicate with each other when commenting, we’ve had occasions when clients and execs are commenting on the same blog or news site article and didn’t know about it, luckily they were not argueing with each other!


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