Apple PR

October 1, 2007

A slightly old one here, but hopefully fresh to some nonetheless.

Advertising Age [US] queried
whether working for Apple’s PR operation is the easiest job going? [largely on the basis of not having to return calls or ever confirm or deny anything!].

That may be true, but is probably a whole lot less fun when things aren’t going your way. After all, if journalists feel annoyed enough to write articles about your unresponsiveness, it is safe to say your good rep musy stem from evangelical fans.

But even that goodwill can turn, as seen by the following skits on the legendary ‘think different’ Apple ads.

This sort of subversio of brands is always likely to be the result of any iconic user-led reputation. Doubtless Apple will be hopeing for a smoother landing for the UK iPhone in November. Perhaps based on more harmonious journo relations, at least as a backup against disaffected customers?

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