Is there anything worse than compiling a forward features list?

September 19, 2007

As autumn draws near, the mornings get colder and rolling up your sleeves is no longer possible without the risk of developing hyperthermia, a dark shadow hangs over what for most people is a festive time.

Approaching my 2nd year in PR, I am well aware of what waits around Novembers corner. Yes, there is the Christmas bonus, the Christmas party and those boozy Christmas client lunches, but what I absolutely CANNOT stand is the dreadful thought of phoning around hundreds of magazine features editors to get their latest ‘forward features list’.

As a piece of software, Featuresexec is useful but I found last year that there was quite a delay between feature lists being released by publications and features appearing in the featuresexec database. Unfortunately account leads know this, which means January is depressingly spent asking the same questions, over, and over, and over again.

ME: Is your forward features list available yet?

Journalist: No, but it will be soon  

ME: In a week?

Journalist: Just keep checking the website….  

How utterly depressing.

2 Responses to “Is there anything worse than compiling a forward features list?”

  1. Hayley Says:


    I’m currently trying to put together my first Forward Features list for education-related issues.

    Any tips? We trialled FeaturesExec a while back but couldn’t afford it….


  2. Hi Heather- thanks for this. tell you what, we’ll put our collective heads together and come up with something more constructive than ;don’t they’re no fun’.

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