Beware Facebook interviews

September 7, 2007

We’ve never made any secret of just how much we love Facebook. We were beating the drum about how ‘it’s the future man’ way back when it was Uni students only, and we most definitely do not agree with ‘Facebook has sold out, it was so much better back in the day’ type guff others sometimes indulge in.

So, when you’re looking to do a piece on companies and individuals who are encouraged to use Facebook [in contrast to TfL et al, highlighted by TUC this week], Fishburn Hedges, myself, and a couple of other colleagues were natural choices. I’ll link to the BBC London piece shortly, but needless to say we offered some words of wisdom to the unsuspecting public this week.

Great stuff I hear you say? Well quite, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the approaches of randoms who had been watching at home. [but thanks for the thought, Belinda, 35, from Wembley, amongst others]. So, here’s fair warning friends: if you, or clients, discuss social networks on TV, prepare yourself for some bizarre friend requests and messages.

It’s a [social] jungle out there readers.

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