Sex, Drugs and Case Study Media training

September 3, 2007

There comes a time in every young PRs career when they get the call to attend a media training session. Torn from the usual place of toil, you are sent to some godforsaken place without wifi and forced to endure hours of mindless role plays.  

These were my feelings exactly as I was sent packing at 4.45 in the morning to ‘witness’ a media training for one of my accounts. As you will be only too aware if you have a public sector client, case studies are the jam that makes those client meetings, go that bit smoother. Had a poor media relations month? That double page spread in Bella with mother of two from Nottingham will save the day.

Media training for case studies is a curious business. Media training your CEO who is probably going to have to deal with that arsey journalist who just wont take no for answer, is sensible. Arming your consumer case studies with skills (or worse, ambitions) to take on Jeremy Paxman will just lead to disappointment when Woman’s Weekly calls to find out about their fulfilling, and yet very normal lives.

My recent media training trip however uncovered more than I could possibly have imagined. Desperately trying not to reveal to the 6 fresh case studies that their PR man was actually a caffeine mess, I made it to lunch through a combination of sheer will power and day dreams of scoring that stunning volley in the PR 5 aside league in Mile End.

However, a surprise was around the corner. Over lunch I chatted away to the new crop of eager media lambs and uncovered more than I could possibly have hoped.

Away from the camera lens my case studies were actually real people, had real lives and were even….quite interesting. I gleaned that one played semi professional football, another had worked in the same job for 27 years and another had made a part time career out of freelancing in films.

Consumer feature editors are forever telling me that my case studies aren’t real enough.

I now have all the beans I need, thanks to a media training trip I thought might result in my death, or someone else’s.



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