PR-Not really THAT bad…

August 9, 2007

You may well have read the generally amusing Cityboy column in the London Paper the other day. [Apologies for our non-metropolitan readers] Suggesting a career in PR was worse than working in an abattoir seemed harsh.

After all, there is eye candy like this to brighten your day [I’ve got reservations about ‘The Hot Hack Blog’s’ raison d’etre, but amusing nonetheless. And how many industries would see your company making videos of your away day quite like these from Golin Harris?!


5 Responses to “PR-Not really THAT bad…”

  1. I love Cityboy and have missed him ever since I moved. I didn’t know his columns are available online so thanks.

  2. Haha! I guess Palma and Rome trump a day at Woburn Safari Park a la Fleishman Hillard…..

  3. Ed Lee Says:

    doesn’t that article say the abattoir would be infinitely more appealing than the investment bank; not the PR biz?

  4. “fearing that she could be given a position at an abattoir or, even worse, a PR company”

    And then goes onto say that he would recommend the abattoir over the bank.

    Either way, don’t reckon debating this point about our industry’s merits relative to a slaughter house is doing anything to enhance perceptions!

  5. […] no more. Not so. Turns out I can get it via the website and in RSS too. Thanks to Alex over at the PR and Comms Network blog for […]

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