Beautiful Beverages

August 8, 2007


So, fancy winning yourself, or a talented designer you know, some cash? Read on for details from Tetra Pak

Funkycartons is challenging design talent to put the art, quite literally, into cartons, as part of the ‘Artons 2007 competition ( There is a cool £5,000 on offer for the most creative design on a carton, and the only limit is imagination. To demonstrate just what is possible, two of the hottest street artists around – Dist and Jon Burgerman – have also produced carton art, showcasing just how creative the possibilities can be.  From today, the design community is being challenged to beat the street artists at their own ‘Artons game. Perhaps you want to impress your boss with some ‘outside of the box’ creativity? Maybe you’d like to showcase your talent in a whole new medium? Quite likely, you’re keen on the sound of £5,000 towards a dream holiday, wish-list computer, or entirely new wardrobe? Whatever you want to do, Funkycartons wants you to put the art into cartons. The ‘Artons 2007 challenge is to create a design for a carton and competition entrants can let their creativity run wild on an imaginary mineral water product. The street artists’ showcase designs, full competition details and entry forms are all viewable at and the deadline for submissions is 26th October 2007.  The ‘Artons competition is open to any design talent in the UK and Ireland, and will be judged by a panel including Lynda Relph-Knight, editor of Design Week, Michael Wolff, ex-founder of design agency Wolff-Olins and street artist Jon Burgerman.   The competition has been launched by Funkycartons, an organisation set up by Tetra Pak, the leading manufacturer of paper-based drinks cartons, to work with the marketing, design and brand community. The aim is to showcase how cartons can be used as a modern packaging alternative for a wide range of beverages. With a printable surface many times that of a traditionally labelled plastic bottle, cartons enable more visibility for brand design and messages.  The advantages of cartons aren’t all visual, however.  Cartons have a great story to tell environmentally: they are predominantly made from a renewable material (wood); are an efficient use of resources; are efficient to transport; and can be recycled. With recycling opportunities increasing all the time, the whole of the UK will be covered by carton recycling facilities next year. For products which aspire to be more than just another bottle, the choice is simple… grab a funky carton.

[Disclosure- Tetra Pak are a Fishburn Hedges client. But given it involved the chance for you all to boost the bank balance and portfolio, we thought it was worth sharing!]

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  2. Garlicoon Says:

    Hi, I created this new Food & Wine Network. Please let me know what you think about it. Thanks

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