PR and Comms – Let’s party like its 1999 (members)!

August 7, 2007

What: PR and Comms Network Drinks

Where: Bar Polski – Holborn

When: 6th September, 6.30pm.


You can find more information here:

With the summer finally here to refresh jaded PROs and a new wave of PR graduates arriving fresh faced, we figured it was time we organised the next PR and Comms drinks to make the most of the sunshine.

Our first drink back in February was a small affair; to be honest it could easily have been Alain and myself regaling each other, and few others, with a great [?] line in banter

Since then the group, the drinks, and the blog have gone from strength to strength and by the time we get to the 6th of Februarys for the next drink we’ll have crossed the 2000 members mark.

Ultimately, we set the group up because we wanted to meet interesting PR and Comms people and have a few pints after work. If you feel the same then please do pop along and invite anyone else you think might be interested.

Look forward to meeting you in September.

Alain and Alex

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