Brand spanking new [largely PR relevant] ideas

August 1, 2007

A quick post to flag up two new ideas I stumbled across on Facebook during the last week. [ This could be an excuse to rhapsodise about the joys of Facebook, but my enthusiasm has long been evident enough, although do check out this video].

First up is new office food venture Zero. Seems a stonkingly good idea- a bit like Pret/Innocent back ‘in the day’ in terms of ethos and approach. Best of luck to them, and I’m sure they’d be keen to hear from people interested.

Entirely unconnected but intresting is Vlogyourjob. It’ll be interesting if they can convince time-poor directors and senior bods to take the time to film job summaries etc, and what the quality will be like. As a concept there are undoubtedly benefits for the candidates in being able to get more of a flavour of a potential job than in a bland, employment law restricted print summary. I’d definitely agree with Stuart that it would benefit from more content before launch, but that’s a problem every site/blog faces.

[As an aside Indigo Red/Sarah, where was our press release with quote to blog it?!]

If you do have interesting new services/products relevant for PR, do drop us a line, and if we reckon it’s any good we’ll most definitely blog it.

Finally, WebitPR’s Social Media News Release [SMNR]. A vision of the future, or niche interest? It is certainly interesting, and personally I really like the idea. It’ll be interesting to see how far take up can extend beyond tech sector, who would be more prepared for this. See Stephen’s post for a lot more details and questions.

As a weekend treat, here’s the Thriller prisoner video [also in today’s Times.] Inspired.


One Response to “Brand spanking new [largely PR relevant] ideas”

  1. Aha… VlogYourJob is live, but not launched. Actually as recruitment bods, not PR gurus, we’re not sure how that works but basically all the technical stuff is working, but the content is not up and going yet. Watch this space for the first ads to appear in the next couple of weeks. At which point we will send out a press release. Any volunteers to teach me how to write one? I’m more at home with teaching candidates how to write CVs and penning the occassional blog post. Thanks for the mention though, it’s nice to know it’s getting some interest!

    On a different note, we were watching the Thriller prisoner clip in our office today then stumbled across the other musical efforts they’ve made including Sister Act and Radio Ga Ga. Genius.

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