So, you want to get ahead?

June 25, 2007

Harold Burson, of Burson-Marsteller recently blogged  his advice, [based on many years and dollars of PR success], with his top tips for young PRs starting out.

I also recently read Ogilvy’s ‘Confessions of an advertising man’. Despite being written several decades ago, about a separate discipline in the marketing mix, there was lots of relevance for PR. One piece that especially stuck with me was his advice for young execs. He recommended you keep your head down for the first year, spending your time mastering the area you were working on, until you would be ready to replace your manager due to superior expertise in your area.

The advice from both of these phenomenally successful individuals clealry overlap on the importance of knowledge. Burson advises reading, and never being short of awareness of a topic, and it is this perception of the deeper issues at stake which allows PRs to offer useful insights into how best to communicate a client or organisation’s messages and reputation.


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