The greasy pole; episode 7

June 21, 2007


With the most ridiculous photo yet, Tom Pearson from Firefly Communications is next for the high jump. He might not like ‘despicable journalists and clients’ but if he wasn’t in PR, he’d be

doing ‘something’ with food.

  • What made you want to work in PR?

The one question I’ve never been able to give a convincing answer to!  All sorts of things

day to day variety, putting my writing skills to good use, researching exciting markets for new biz, that feeling when you get your client in the FT and so much more

  • Background? [Home, education, exciting activities] –

I was born in Germany and had lived in Spain and Bulgaria by the time I was 13.  I
spent most of my formative years in the West Country at school in Bath
and then studying Classics at Bristol University.

  • Coolest thing you’ve done so far in PR? –

hosting journalists at big sporting events – England at the football World Cup and rugby at Twickenham so far.

  • Least favourite part of job?

Admin, I’m shocking at it!

  • When I’m 40 I’d like to be…?

Taking early retirement

·         Top tip for those who want to get into industry?

There’s no substitute for work experience.  It will give you a feel for the industry and shows potential employers that you’re keen to work in PR. Personally, I did stints at consumer, tech and financial PR agencies, as well as spending time working in-house, before deciding on B2B tech.

  • Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Own your own time

  • If I wasn’t in PR I’d be….?

Doing something with food, getting shouted at by some Gordon Ramsay-type I’d imagine!

  • What do you find most challenging in PR?

Having to be nice to despicable journalists and clients

  • PR hero?

Matthew Freud

  • Is there an area of PR you never want to work in, if so which?

I wouldn’t discount anything in either agency or in-house but I was crap at consumer PR…

  • How often do you read blogs? Which social networks?

Probably not as much as I should, but I’m a self-confessed Facebook addict

  • Best way to get hold of you?  [mobile, landline, email, Facebook, Myspace, text, letter, message in a bottle etc]

Facebook, email or mobile (in that order)

  • FT or Heat?


  • Grazia or Country Life?

Country Life I guess

  • Cameron or Brown?

Cameron for PM!

  • Running or the gym?

Neither, I play hockey

  • G & T or JD & Coke?


  • Hagen Daz or Ben & Jerry’s?

Hagen Daz

  • Caffe Nero or Starbucks?

Me and coffee don’t work first thing in the morning…

  • GAP or Portobello Rd?

GAP, I’ve got no imagination

  • North or South?

South of the river of course

  • If I were to have a film star play me in the film of my life, it’d be…?

Will Ferrell, genius




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