Fashion Zeitgeist

June 18, 2007

Being a] deeply stylish, and b] readers of Sunday Times’ Style section, we present the ‘going up/going down’ of fashion PR-with the return of the mysterious Ms J for the ladies’ perspective…

Currently loving [Ladies]

Peep toe heeled shoes (look good with anything)

Vintage dresses (though good ones are hard to find)

Girly skirt suits (make you feel empowered and sexy at the same time – bonus)

Footless tights (they may be officially “out” but I actually really like them and they are just so handy when the weather is this random)

Currently loving [Gents]

Yep, still the Khaki. Or the dark blue jean. Never lets you down.

Polo shirts. If they’re good enough for corporate America, why they’re sure good enough for us.

Sunny enough weather to get away with wearing shades without entirely looking like a poser.

Currently hating [Ladies]

Square heeled chunky shoes (you were supposed to throw them out back in 1997)

Wrap dresses (as above but intended to reach the scrap heap in 2005)

Mini skirts (never good in the workplace no matter how good people tell you your legs look)

Trouser suits (I feel like a man when I wear mine and I never saw the point of that androgynous look)

Currently hating [Gents]

Pointy toed shoes. It isn’t the 16th century, and they aren’t comfortable. I’ve heard.

Short sleeved shirts. Not unless you’re out on the town in Newcastle. Sorry ‘Toon’.

The black roll neck. Unless you’re Steve Jobs.

Ironing shirts. Never going to be good at it, and there’s only so many times you can pull puppy eyes at the girlfriend/flatmate/postman to do it for you…


2 Responses to “Fashion Zeitgeist”

  1. alaindesmier Says:

    I think ironing should be featured as part of any graduate recruitment day… If you can’t Iron, you can’t sell in – sorry, it’s a simple as that.

  2. thProduct Says:

    Men’s shoes in the 16th century were square toed actually. They wore pointy ones in the 13th century though.

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