It’s just the beginning…

June 1, 2007

Louise Orr is a final year PR student at Bournemouth Uni, who has just sat her last exams.  

So I have officially finished university. Forever. And as the hangover clears following a brilliant celebration and farewell round of “pub golf”, I’m getting very excited about what is on the horizon.  

The last four years have been a real rollercoaster, with the high points far outweighing the low. My BA (Hons) Public Relations degree at Bournemouth University has prepared me for what will hopefully be a long and prosperous career in the industry, and I’ve made some amazing friends. I do think that regardless of your opinion of PR degrees, I could not be more ready to go into the industry; I’m excited about the challenges that lie ahead and feel like I’ve been planning this day for months.  

As I left the exam room yesterday lunchtime, it hit me that I’m no longer a student. The initial excitement turned into apprehension as one era ends and I stumble into the next. But after a little reflection and a supportive chat from my housemates I realised that this is far from the end. Firstly, most of Bournemouth University PR students are now winging their way to London, so there is bound to be a few familiar faces on the tube each morning, but also because the end of my degree signals the start of the rest of my life.  

Having been in education for 18 years, I’m now stepping out into the big, bad world with life experience from university that I doubt I would have got elsewhere and with the confidence in my chosen career path to know this is what I want to do for the foreseeable future.  Personally I have overcome a lot of challenges, and I learnt so much from my industrial placement year that I’m now excited to put four years of very hard work into practise.  I have 11 days until I start my first “grown up” PR job and I can’t wait. Those 11 days provide me with just enough time to recover from this awful hangover, clear out my university house and get everything in order for the next stage of my life. This morning signals the end of an era – and the start of something amazing. And it’s very exciting. (Or at least it will be when I recover – all suggestions on how to cope in the rat race with such awful hangovers will be greatly received! I’m definitely retiring my pub golf clubs for a while!)


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