PR Week

May 25, 2007



Some great coverage for the PR and Communications Network today which was featured in a PR week article about social networking.

The PR and Communications Facebook group is here and the PR week article is here

Enjoy the long weekend!


2 Responses to “PR Week”

  1. Astro-turfer Says:

    You can only get to the link if you subscribe to the PR Week online edition. What is a poor PR to do if he doesn’t have an account or cannot be bothered to sign up?

  2. alaindesmier Says:

    I’ve included the relevant paragraphs….

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Linking up to the ultimate network
    by Hannah Marriott PR Week UK 23-May-07, 17:30

    Social groups

    But many in the PR community cite Facebook as the best place for PROs to network, as its structure makes it more amenable to the business world.
    Unlike some sites, Facebook’s raison d’etre is for users to stay in touch with people they know, or have known in the past. So – where it is common on MySpace for members to use nicknames or first names only – Facebook users tend to have their full names on display, so profiles are easily located.
    Much of the networking takes place through ‘groups’ set up by users. They range from the silly (such as ‘I hate Katie from The Apprentice’) to the professional. PR-related groups include the PR and Communications Network, which has 742 members, the 265-strong public affairs network PubAffairs, and Weber Shandwick’s staff network, which has 364 members

    Alex Pearmain and Alain Desmier – the duo behind the PR and Communications Network – are both graduate trainees at Fishburn Hedges who started using Facebook at university. Their group is primarily aimed at young PROs working in London. ‘It gives you an opportunity to ­socialise with graduates and to talk to those who face similar issues and problems,’ says Pearmain. The group has attracted a lot of interest from students wanting to get into PR.

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