The greasy pole; episode 3

May 23, 2007


 The next instalment of our tour around the PR industry takes us to 77 and to PR consultant, Gareth Streeter. Looking trim after his 26 mile dash around London, Gareth tells all about life in consumer PR….

What made you want to work in PR?  

  • Good question.  As I was finishing my studies a few people told me they thought it might be something I’d be quite good at.  I didn’t really have a clue what it was but looked into it and thought it sounded good.  After I graduated I ended up doing a short journalism course which I thought was great but put me off journalism a little bit.  We had a little look at PR during the course and once again, I thought it was something I could see myself doing.

Background? [Home, education, exciting activities]  

  • I think I have quite a different background to most people in the industry.  Grew up in
    Plymouth and ended up studying theology in North London with a view to going into full time Church work.  As you can tell, that didn’t quite happen….

Coolest thing you’ve done so far in PR?

  • Probably looking after Jack Osbourne at a climbing event in Manchester, and trying to stop all his climbing buddies from base jumping off tall buildings. 

Least favourite part of job?

  • I think that if you have a positive frame of mind, most things in PR can be quite enjoyable.  Although I love the ‘jack of all trades’ element of the job, I do sometimes find it frustrating that you can’t commit yourself to one thing and run with it.

When I’m 40 I’d like to be…?

  • A lad what lunches.  No idea really…hopefully something cause related.

Top tip for those who want to get into industry?

  • Obsess about the media.  Read all the newspapers and take note of interesting PR ideas.  Write as much as you can and get as many things published as possible – even if it’s just on silly little PR blogs.

 Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

  • In life or PR?  In PR it’s probably ‘keep everything as simples as possible.’  In life, it’s probably ‘keep everything as simple as possible.’

If I wasn’t in PR I’d be….?

  • A campaigner of some sort.

What do you find most challenging in PR?

  • Keeping lots of balls in the air at the same time.

PR hero?

  • I’m not a massive follower of any of the big names.  Probably Isabel Shirley of 77pr

Is there an area of PR you never want to work in, if so which?

  • No, I’ll try anything once.

How often do you read blogs? Which social networks?

  • Massive facebook fan but never got into MySpace.  I don’t 100% buy the ‘power of the social media’ arguments.

Best way to get hold of you? [mobile, landline, email, Facebook, Myspace, text, letter, message in a bottle etc]

  • Mobile I think.

FT or Heat?

  • Heat.

Grazia or Country Life?

  • Grazia

Cameron or Brown?

  • Thatcher.

Running or the gym?

  • Both.

G & T or JD & Coke?

  • JD and coke

Hagen Daz or Ben & Jerry’s?

  • Ben and Jerry’s

Caffe Nero or Starbucks?

  • Still can’t really tell the difference

GAP or Portobello Rd?

  • GAP

North or South?

  • South

If I were to have a film star play me in the film of my life, it’d be…?

  • Jude Law – apparently we look alike!



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