The Corporation strikes back

May 7, 2007


Recently launched, is an ‘impartial’ web-based right to reply service for organisations and individuals who have been misrepresented in the media. Using Tesco as a customer case study the site claims to ‘tell both sides of the story’ and ‘help organisations manage the situation if they find themselves the subject of multiple blogs.’

Blog monitoring is becoming an increasingly popular service in the world of PR with more and more clients wanting as much emphasis placed on what is being said about their products in the blogsophere as traditional broadcast and print media


But, is it really worth it? Does forking out thousands of pounds to a ‘monitoring agency’ really replace the need for PR consultants to know their trades? Why pay outside agencies for a job that you can do yourself on bloglines?


I like the idea of having a central place to post rebuttals, but it does strike me as rather a backward process. If a company spends time thinking through a PR plan, engaging its stakeholders and really understanding the space it operates in, why does it need to have a ‘reactive blog strategy’, unless, of course, it truly has got something to hide?


One Response to “The Corporation strikes back”

  1. Demonstrating just how transparent we are on this blog, I’m going to have to disagree with my co-editor Alain. I totally see the point of a reactive blog strategy. Agreed laying the groundwork should lessen the chances of deployment, but there are circusmtances the best laid plans could do little to avoid. Again, sure, if you’re hiding soemthing [e.g. the rather-tired Kryptonite example], than it is that you should address, not blogging.

    For brands/organisations with a strong online dimension to their sales/reputation, reactive blog strategy would seem the way to go. better the devil you know… [or other cheesy saying!]

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