Passion and the press release

April 27, 2007

So, I could give it all the pseudo-intellectual waffle you want, but there are plenty of blogs much more willing [and qualified] to do so. I know that the vast majority of you are young, footloose and fancy free. Thus it follows, that to paraphrase Jane Austen for the 21st century, a young PR with a good job must surely be in want of a partner.

Now we’ve all read [and in some cases doubtless written] those stories about the huge proportions of people who meet their beaus at work. But, I hear you cry, PR is full of women? Well this does form something of a stumbling block for all the fresh faced femme fatales lurking around the junior ranks of PR week’s Power 150, but presents something of a boon for those lucky chaps. I have a feeling that numerical challenges aside, romance can flourish over a regional release, however.

But is the office relationship really the wrong step it is so often portrayed? After all, think of the positives.:

  • Identical salary expectations [None of that complaining about the lack of a great holiday]
  • Similar interests [You both wanted to read newspapers for a living at any rate]
  • Lots of time together [Some might say too much as you get to watch the cleaners come in together]
  • Great social skills [Erm….]

Of course there are the inevitable pitfalls, such as your post break-up meltdown impacting upon your performance review, but hey…

Thankfully my bachelor days are but a hazy memory, but to all you young bloods keen to scrabble up both the career ladder and catch cupid’s arrow, perhaps you’re neglecting the wealth of talent hidden behind your status report?


One Response to “Passion and the press release”

  1. Manners Maketh Man Says:

    But surely, with an alleged 80:20 ratio of women to men in the profession, and considering a proportion of that percentage of men will either be homosexual or already in a relationship, the figures really are stacked up against the women…

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